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Not all energy consultants are created the same

More Than Low Prices, Protection For You and Your Business

Some companies strip certain charges from a quote in order to present low price per kilowatt-hour, but then return those line-item charges back into your bill after the contract is signed.  This is legal, but at PUB, we don't consider it ethical and never use this type of deceptive sales technique. 

"[Public Utility Brokers]...told us they had found an error in our incumbent's billing that was costing us thousands, something in the tariff called "ratchets"...Within two months, we received a credit back to our account for over $10,000 from our incumbent provider. At that point I knew which consultant I needed to go with"- Kathy Kennedy The Office Manager at Denny Sergeant's Western World.

Continual Energy Market Monitoring And Evaluation
At Public Utility Brokers, we make the Texas electricity choice simple and easy. As energy brokers, we provide  aggregation, consulting and broker services that save your business real money on electricity service rates from your provider. "[P.U.B.]. . .has just finished negotiating our latest energy contract. This contract saved Tekelec over $140000 than we were currently spending. Mark and PUB's knowledge of the industry is unparalleled and their customer service is beyond reproach" - Dean Dorsey, Facility Manager, Tekelec. By Monitoring regulatory developments in the energy market, collecting competitive bids from retail energy companies and analyzing contractual language we provide our clients with advice on not only when to purchase commercial energy but how to purchase as well.

Unsurpassed Client Protection
More than 100 Texas companies registered as retail energy providers, consultants or brokers  are competing for your energy business. As a result, purchasing, shopping or comparing  commercial electricity rates and plans in Texas can be a complex, time-consuming, even a money loosing risky gamble. "Don't make the same mistake I did, don't let a suave salesperson sell you something you don't understand, get professional help.  They say hindsight is 20/20 and it is clearto me now that  PUB always had our back and put my needs first." George Brown

Long Term Trusted Industry Expertise
Texas energy providers contracts are filled with unfamiliar terms, and often include costly hidden   charges. Without a complete understanding of the Texas energy business, it's practically impossible to know the best time to compare electricity rates and compare TX Energy companies to obtain the lowest commercial Texas electricity rates. "They did a great job of managing us through obstacles the that come along with  deregulation and continue to work extremely hard to protect our interests for the long term." - Kyle Smith VP of Operations, CiCi's Pizza

Keeping Your Interest's In Our Focus  This attention to detail allows Public Utilities Brokers to give you the piece of mind to focus on your core operations while we do what we do best — minimize your  frustrations, and at the same time reduce your energy costs. "By choosing Public Utility Brokers, I was able to save our company tens of thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend their services to anyone serious about saving money on their electricity bill" - Kathy Kennedy, Office Manager, Denny Sergeant's Western World.  Public Utilities Brokers works for you, not the Texas energy companies. "Our comfort knowing that he...[P.U.B.]... is working in our behalf is immeasurable" - Randy Roden, VP-CFO, David's Supermarkets

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